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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Add Pictures To Wishlist Items?

If, when choosing the auto fill option for items, the picture does not appear then there is a simple process to rectify that. You need to right click on the image from the website your item is listed on, choose copy image address and then paste (CTRL + V) into the Image URL box.

  1. Click Add Image
  2. Find image and right click
  3. Copy Image Address
  4. Paste (CTRL + V) into Image URL box
  5. Save


When Will I Know If Something Has Been Ordered / Processed?

You will receive notifications if you choose to select the tick boxes in your account settings


What Items Can I Add To My Wishlist?

Retail items from all your favourite shops, events and concert tickets.


What Happens If Someone Makes A Purchase from My/A Wishlist and It's Sold Out/Out of Stock?

As per our Terms & Conditions: "In the event of an item being out of stock and not being replenished or has been discontinued then the Purchaser will be informed and will be refunded the full amount including any surcharges for using the service."


What Payments Do You Accept?

We currently accept payment via all major credit & debit cards.


Can I Add Items From Non UK Websites?

You can add from any website that accepts UK billing - always better to check with the site if you are not sure.


How Will a Purchase Placed Through BrightenUpMyDay Show Up On My Statements?

Your statements will show SQ *MKB BUSINESS

Please check out Terms & Conditions page for any further questions you may have and if you can't find an answer then drop us a line.